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About us

Hello dear friends!

"Volshebnaya Strana" Company – is one of the leading domestic manufacturers of kits for creativity. High quality and a wide range of products, fast and friendly service, favorable terms of cooperation and interesting contests, promotions and partner programs - all this made the goods from TM "Volshebnaya Strana" very popular not only among Ukrainian needlewomen, but also far abroad!

What is our strength?

In our love of needlework.

In our corporate culture.

Let us introduce you our culture through the message to our employees. It most accurately reflects our mission and ideas.

Dear and respected friends!

Do you remember where we all came from? Every person on our planet, before coming into adulthood, lived in the magical land of Childhood. In the land where everything is easy, where there are so many interesting things, where learning the world was the main task! And this task wasn’t weight down at all, but pleasant and exciting.


Did you believe in Santa Claus? And the Tooth Fairy? Do you remember this feeling of gifts expectation that you have dreamed of for a long time? Do you remember this feeling of a little anxiety: "What if I wasn't behaving well enough... What if Santa Claus doesn't bring me my gift..." – isn’t it?


And this feeling of pride when you did something for the first time and everything worked out for you? Do you remember what exactly gave you joy and satisfaction in childhood? Maybe you liked to draw? Or tear apart toys and remount? Or maybe you wrote incredible stories and told them to your family and friends? Was singing, dancing, put on real concerts, assembling half of the street on a bench near your yard?


It was a wonderful time! We did exactly what we really wanted to do. We dreamed of becoming adults as soon as possible. The passage of time is inevitable - and now we have grown. Home-work, home-work, home-work. Routine. Fatigue. The magic seems to be gone. Remained somewhere out of there, far away, in the land of Childhood. Where Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy lives ...


Are you ready to accept it? I’m not. Therefore, I urge you to keep carefully the belief in the reality of miracles, and not allow any vicissitudes of life to overshadow her quiet voice. "There is happiness, it cannot but be" :-)


And also I'm sure that we all behaved well in childhood, that's why we get to the Magic Land for a reason. The world decided to entrust us with an honorable mission:


Who are our clients? These are adults who have not lost touch with their inner child. Those who want, and still know how to immerse themselves in the world of Miracle through Creativity.

Great minds at one time spoke about this as follows:

"Creativity! Here is a great salvation from suffering, a great relief of life!" (Friedrich Nietzsche)

"There is hardly a higher pleasure than the pleasure of creating." (Nikolai Gogol)

"Creative work is wonderful, extraordinarily hard and amazingly joyful work." (Nikolai Ostrovsky)

And clients come to us for this very reason.For JOY AND PLEASURE.


We are not just a company that makes money. Our mission is much more, to be exactly:

To please the inner child of each of our clients.

Help them become happier by enjoying the creative process.

To promote the spread of love for needlework in every possible way.

We have a huge potential for growth and development. Yes, they know about us, and we are already loved not only in our country, but also far beyond its borders. But also many people have to get acquainted with creativity through our help. There are many, who we can make a little happier! And most importantly: in the world the boomerang principle works great! Giving joy to others - we make ourselves happier!


1) The client should be always satisfied!

We all are wizards! Although we don’t have magic wands, we try to do our best to satisfy any client's request. All our activities are built around and for the sake of clients' interests. We want to surprise and delight them with the quality of services and attitude. We try to exceed all customer expectations.

2) Our clients help us to make progress.

We appreciate each our client, because his interest in us and in our products is our reward. This is our level of professionalism, which will grow with each solved problem. Each new client, each new order is our new capabilities.

3) From big to small. From good to great.

Achievement of any strategic goal requires the achievement of smaller goals and the implementation of operational tasks. A specific person is responsible for each area of work in the Company, for each task. If each of us does our job well, we have a great chance to achieve great goals and achieve great.

4) Every complaint is a gift!

We gladly accept customer complaints, we are not afraid to admit our mistakes, we don’t seek to hide them. They can be a lesson for us and for other employees. Therefore, we strive to find out about them, fix them and not allow them anymore. Only the one who does nothing is not mistaken!

5) We don’t grow mushrooms.

There is one peculiarity in growing champignons: in order for them to grow well, they must be kept in the dark. This is not about us. We don’t hide our successes, our problems, our ideas and our thoughts about working moments from each other and from the Company as a whole. If you want to share your thoughts, if something interferes with your work, if you have ideas to improve working conditions or product quality – don’t be silent, feel free to share. You can only be heard if you speak!

6) We are one team and together we do a common cause!

We strive to create an atmosphere of mutual trust, respect and mutual assistance in the team. However, this does not mean a willingness to forgive any mistakes due to personal sympathy. If one makes mistakes and treats carelessly about work, it affects everyone. This is unfair and irrational.

7) Treat people the way you would like them to treat you.

To enjoy teamwork, we need frank and honest relationships between colleagues. Only constructive, result-oriented communication makes sense in a working atmosphere. To work effectively, it’s important to show respect and trust to your colleagues, value their advantages, help (or at least not interfere with) cope with your shortcomings and try to do your job as best you can.

8) Humor helps to live.

The Company encourages humor in communication between people. Humor and self-irony is a quality inherent in strong, developed, intelligent people. Therefore, if you tend to take offense at jokes: or excuse me, get used to it; or we are not on the one way.

9) It’s better to be than to seem.

There is no doubt that each of us is unique. And everyone should mind their own business. If you don’t like what you are doing, then it will certainly affect your work. Everyone will notice your pretense. And in this case, it does not matter - to make any changes or even change job - this is only your decision. But whatever your activity is, love it or give it up and forget about it.

The company is ready to help you find yourself and try on different processes and in different areas of activity, if you feel an urgent need for changes and are ready to improve yourself for the benefit of the whole Company.